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Blue Eye Monitoring

At Blue Eye we believe that if a security system isn’t deterring crime it’s failing. This is why we provide a system that goes well beyond what comes to mind when you think about camera monitoring. With the use of smart cameras programmed to recognize and detect threats, we have the ability to deter crime in real time. Our systems look for any unusual behavior that could be categorized as a threat and once a threat is detected, our Video Surveillance Technicians are immediately alerted and respond in real time with the use of an on-board audio system. Essentially, we Detect, Intercept, and Prevent crime. At Blue Eye Monitoring we believe that it is better to prevent a crime than to prosecute it.

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Our Solution

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Analytics driven, high definition and long range thermal cameras detect threats.

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An alarm is sent to the command center and Blue Eye uses speakers to speak directly to the perpetrators.

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Keep assets, staff, and customers safe by preventing the crime, not just recording it.


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"Blue Eye Monitoring has been the best investment for our company. They have exceeded our expectations."

Chris Drakos - CEO, Montana Brand Produce

"Blue Eye has been a great partner with us in helping ensure our security here at LANDesk."

David Gaddis - Director of Business Operations, LANDESK
Without our sophisticated "Intercept" technology, we would just be another CCTV monitoring company

Our “Intercept” technology detects bad behavior as it is happening and immediately alerts our Command Center, where our Video Surveillance Technicians are standing by to respond to the perpetrator. Our IP-based speaker system allows for our team to speak directly to the suspicious individual. Criminals are not deterred by camera systems. They put a hoodie on and carry out their destructive behavior. It all changes when we specifically identify the criminal and speak directly to them through our IP-based speaker system. Without our sophisticated “Intercept” technology, we would be just another closed-circuit television monitoring company with a person trying to detect criminal behavior by looking at dozens of screens for hours at a time.

Managed Service Platform


Building a security infrastructure can require a huge financial commitment upfront, unless of course you are a Blue Eye client. At Blue Eye we purchase all of the equipment, install it, ensure that it is running to our high standards, and the client simply starts making monthly payments. No capital expenditure, which will make your CFO very happy. But our Managed Service Platform isn’t just a leasing plan. In addition to no large upfront expense, we maintain all of the equipment throughout the contract term, upgrade the system as new technology becomes available, provide a portal for client access to camera views, store and provide camera footage when needed, and provide accurate reporting on all alerts and activities, thereby holding Blue Eye accountable. Blue Eye provides a comprehensive turnkey solution on which you can depend.

Why is the Managed Service Platform so valuable? Without support and regular maintenance, the equipment eventually becomes neglected, cameras begin to fail, and someone on site must recognize that failure and arrange for service, which is never cheap or timely. Unfortunately, all too often a system is found to not be working correctly when a negative event occurs and the crime was not recorded. Unless a security system is continuously monitored and maintained, the company will unknowingly begin to take on unnecessary and potentially catastrophic risks.

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